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Reasons to hire a trainer  From the American Council on Exercise
Dynamic Warmup  Read how four weeks of dynamic warm up improves performance
Hip Strength for Runners  The most common cause for knee pain in runners?  Weak hips!



Barefoot Running

Pose Method: Learn to land differently when running, even barefoot
Harvard Study: Read how barefoot running may be better for your joints
Are Running Shoes a Waste of Money?: When running shoes changed, injuries increased


Improve your hip mobility: Active, dynamic stretches for your hips.  Great video clips for easy learning.
Foam Rolling for Tight Muscles: How and why it works
Hamstring Stretches: Poor hamstring flexibility restricts mobility and may cause other injuries


Information on Personal Trainer certifications and product sales

NSCA - CSCS: National Strength and Conditioning Association CSCS credential information
NASM - CPT: National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer certification information
Perform Better: fitness equipment available for online purchase


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