Comments from On the Ball Fitness Clients

Bronsa Swint, personal trainer, working with clients of all agesBronsa Swint's workouts are a great supplement to my own routines. I've always done two strength training and two cardio workouts a week, but when I added one session a week with Bronsa, I could feel the difference almost immediately. Everything was tighter and stronger! — ER (age 23)

As a woman in her late 50s, I hadn't found a trainer or a program to stick with. Bronsa Swint and her skills are just what I needed to help me gain strength, improve balance and overall physical well-being. She is able to help me focus on the areas I need to work on to be more active and even like it a bit. — KB (age 59)

Working with On The Ball Fitness (Bronsa Swint) has been wonderful. Our daughter (17) had been troubled for several years with shin splints. Bronsa takes a methodical approach to diagnosis using her in-depth knowledge of physiology and bio-mechanics. The improvement with our daughter has been amazing. She is now able to compete without pain and with improved agility and strength. — SH, parent

I started working with Bronsa Swint in July 2009, and I am really pleased with the improvement in my strength and balance during these past months.  The workouts are fun, and different every session! They are challenging enough to make me work hard, but not so challenging I get discouraged. I really appreciate Bronsa's personal attention so I know I am doing the exercises right. — SP (age 54)

I have trained with Bronsa on multiple occasions, and for varying purposes. The results that I like to brag about most are the delts that she helped me to develop in time for my wedding, but she has also helped me with back pain, posture, and core strength. There is no doubt that Bronsa is a devoted coach at heart, and she walks the walk. She lives the lifestyle that she teaches to her clients, and I find that to be very inspiring; encouragement to improve my own lifestyle. — BH (age 33)

Bronsa is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and utilizes my time with her in a very efficient and productive manner. She quickly grasps what interventions are needed and is able to custom tailor her program for her client with ease. — MN (age 46)

Thank you! Because of your contagious excitement and knowledge of fitness and health, you have all four of my kids excited about their own health and about exercise. Fitness has become a part of our lives primarily because of your influence. My kids know they can ask you anything and that you will tenaciously find the answer and resolve whatever physical issues that they are having. We all laugh about 'the Bronsa in our head,' "What would Bronsa think of this," "I don't think Bronsa would eat this," "If Bronsa could see me do this!" We have even had Bosu pose contests in the living room. My 8-year old's constant request, "When do I get to work out with Bronsa again?" says it all. We are a healthier and happier family. — GE (age 42)

I like the fact that Bronsa works with muscle imbalances and helps to make them stronger.  I also like how she includes core strength training in every workout.  It's cool to show you improve on each workout.  Bronsa has also taught me why just focusing on the bench press is not the best thing – even though that's what most guys do. — JW (age 17)

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